Green Power Generator

Generate all-sine one or three-phase power using kinetic energy without building power plants and transmission lines

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Three-Phase Power

The power generation mechanism in this startup is such that it can generate a lot of electricity using low electrical energy

Single-Phase Power

The power generation mechanism is such that the electromotor is powered by 30% of the moving power (generator).

Smart Battery

This mechanism is such that it can generate electricity from one watt to one thousand megawatts without using fuel.

Effects of power generation

in power plants

Power generation in power plants has significant effects on the environment, with the combustion process producing air pollutants that can spread widely.

Nuclear power plants have the greatest potential for dangerous effects on the environment. An accidental error in the process of these power plants could lead to massive release of radionuclide particles. In contrast, water, solar and wind power plants have fewer effects on the environment. In addition to considering the environmental pollution caused by the construction and production of equipment related to renewable and non-renewable power plants, we can mention the many direct environmental pollution and effects caused by these power plants.

Majid Rezaei


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  • Nearly 87% of the energy produced in the world is supplied by fossil fuels

  • Approximately 5% of the world’s total energy consumption is nuclear fuel

  • 0.2% of the world’s energy is supplied by solar energy

  • 1.2 of energy in the world is supplied by wind energy

  • 6.4% of the world’s energy is supplied by hydropower

  • Fossil power plants are one of the main sources of electricity generation in the world

  • Fossil power plants cause many environmental problems such as exploiting of land and water, the release of particles and gases into the air, the release of heat, climate change, changes in the appearance caused by cooling towers, solid waste, (e.x ash in the case of coal-fired power plants), and noise pollution.

  • Due to the need for large amount of steam, power plants can have a huge impact on water consumption.

  • For example, for a 500-megawatt power plant with The biggest effects of using fossil fuels in power plants are the creation and emission of air pollutants, especially the emission of SOX, NOX, CO, CO2 and hydrocarbons.

  • Carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2) and hydrocarbons are known as greenhouse gases responsible for global warming.

  • SOX and NOX produce acid when they enter the atmosphere. These acids are formed by compounding in rainwater and cause acid rain.

  • In general, the emission of air pollutants can be controlled by scrubbers and precipitators in power plants.

People Matter At Green Power Generator

Until now, electricy has been produced in diffrebt ways in the world,each of witchh has disadvantage & shortcomings.

In the production of clean electric energy, it has been tried to eliminate all these disadvantage & shortcoming and there will be great benefits for the users of this clean electric energy all over the world.

Fully Optimised: The Only Electrical Power Generator You Need

“Supply electricity from home use to factories and industries use.”